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Today’s expression and dialog: to solidify something …


Congratulations on your podcast, Shane.


Thanks. It really solidifies me as an English coach for the world.


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Over 12,000 people for each episode!


If we have ice and we heat it, we get water, right? We have "liquefied" ice. If we have water and we freeze it, we get ice, right? We have "solidified" water. But, did you know that outside of science, "solidify" has another meaning? It certainly does and I work to SOLIDIFY myself every day! No, I don't want HUGE muscles...but that would be cool~ I want to be THE ENGLISH COACH for the ENTIRE WORLD...so I work hard. Listen to today's podcast and I will tell you what I am doing AND how to use "solidify"! 


Have a SUPER week!


Coach Shane


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